GPF 2012 | South Africa

Making Financial Inclusion Real

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion's (AFI) annual, landmark Global Policy Forum (GPF) was held in Cape Town, South Africa on 26-28 September 2012, under the overall theme of Making Financial Inclusion Real.
The Forum brought together senior representatives from more than 80 developing and emerging nations’ regulatory institutions from across the globe, along with financial inclusion policy experts and practitioners from AFI’s many partner institutions. The agenda covered technical discussions on the quality of financial access and usage and featured a high level debate and dialogue on both the potential and the real impact of financial inclusion on the lives of the world’s unbanked.
During last year's Forum in Mexico the AFI membership adopted the Maya Declaration, the first global and measurable set of commitments by developing and emerging countries to unlock the economic and social potential of the 2.5 billion poorest people through greater financial inclusion. The GPF 2012 highlighted the progress of the 24 AFI member institutions that followed through with concrete commitments to the Maya Declaration over the course of the previous year. Additionally, on the final morning of the three-day Forum in Cape Town, 17 institutions announced new Maya Declaration Commitments to increase the number of institutional financial inclusion commitments to 34 overall — an impressive achievement that marked the one year anniversary of the Declaration's inception.

2012 Global Policy Forum Report: Making Financial Inclusion Real

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