• | Virtual
  • 21st October 2021 - 21st October 2021

AFI Public-Private Dialogue on Leveraging Digital Financial Services for Inclusive Green Finance

This public-private dialogue provides a platform for private sector players and financial regulators to explore the potentials of digital finance technologies in promoting and mainstreaming inclusive green finance (IGF). Financial services play a vital role in enabling the most vulnerable groups to cope with financial losses resulting from the impact of climate change and to build their resilience against future climate events. On the other hand, digital financial services (DFS) plays an important role in both advancing and enhancing IGF and this intersect is currently gaining momentum across the AFI network and the wider global communities of financial inclusion and green finance.

The event will provide the venue for financial regulators to learn current technologies and mechanisms in the market and regulatory challenges that limit scaling such technologies. Private sector practitioners will share insights on how digital technologies can help promote and scale financial inclusion to help vulnerable groups build resilience and adapt to the changing climate and contribute to global mitigation efforts.

Should you have any questions regarding the event, please reach us at afievents@afi-global.org

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