AFI Member Training

Digitizing Financial Inclusion

About the training

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) will be organizing a member training on digitizing financial inclusion from 1-5 July 2019.

AFI defines its capacity building approach as “the provision of services that support AFI member institutions in gaining and translating knowledge about financial inclusion policy, regulation and supervision into concrete actions that meet specific financial inclusion goals.” All capacity building initiatives of AFI are based on the peer learning model of learning through sharing. Every training is designed to meet learning needs identified by members and delivered most often by the members themselves ensuring optimal use of the experience and expertise of the network. AFI Developing Capacities for Development (ABCD) is thriving platform to gain knowledge and practical skills required to realize the financial inclusions goals of financial regulators.

More information about this member training will be shared soon. Watch this space for updates!

Feel free to get in touch with us at Capacity.Building@afi-global.org if you have any questions.