BCP-AFI Member Training

Financial Education for Financial Inclusion

Together with Banco de Portugal (BCP), the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) will host the Member Training on Financial Education for Financial Inclusion in Lisbon, Portugal from 1-3 July, 2019.

This is the second offering exclusively for Bancos Centrais de Países de Língua Portuguesa (BCPLPs) as part of the Protocol of Technical Cooperation that was signed in July 2017 to facilitate the work on financial education for enhancing financial inclusion.  


AFI conducted a survey to assess the learning needs of BCPLP regarding financial education. This three-day training has been designed to address the issues identified by the member institution. The training aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • Draft and implement a national strategy for financial education
  • Use behavioral economics to design financial education initiatives
  • Develop an approach for introducing financial education in school curriculum in their jurisdiction
  • Design, implement and monitor financial education initiatives

Who should attend?

Those who will benefit the most from this training are technical experts who are leading the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of financial education initiatives.

The training will be led by financial education technical experts from BCP and participants are expected to share their country experiences, actively participate in the exercises, and would be required to develop an action plan to be implemented as a follow up of the training. 

How to register?

This event is a special offering for the BCPLPs. Invitations will be sent to the heads of institutions.

Get in touch with us at Capacity.Building@afi-global.org if you have any questions.