• | Malawi
  • 27th March 2023 - 30th March 2023

Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct, Financial Inclusion Data, and Financial Inclusion Strategy Working Group Meetings

Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) and AFI are honored and excited to invite you to participate in the Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct Working Group (CEMCWG), Financial Inclusion Data Working Group (FIDWG), and Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group (FISPLG) meetings, on 27-30 March 2023 in Lilongwe, Malawi.

RBM is a principal member and takes part in seven AFI working groups. The institution joined the network in February 2010 and has made twenty Maya Declaration targets, including developing and implement a national financial inclusion strategy and expedite the development of a nationwide survey to progress financial inclusion.

The AFI Working Groups have evolved over time, and their maturity demonstrates how they have become an important part of the AFI network. The network’s ambitions for a policy leadership alliance are now aligned due to the solid organizational backbone and active participation of working group members who have demonstrated commitment, ownership, and dedication.

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