• | Virtual
  • 30th November 2023 - 30th November 2023

Green Data and Measuring Inclusive Green Finance

Inclusive Green Finance (IGF) is an evolving policy area pioneered by AFI member institutions implementing policies, regulations and national strategies to mitigate or build resilience to climate change endorsed by Sharm El Sheikh Accord on Inclusive Green Finance in 2017, with a renewed commitment in 2022.

Collecting and analyzing financial data at the intersection of financial inclusion and green finance is a topic of increasing interest among AFI members. The interest reflects widespread concern about the impact of climate change on their economies as well as the potential opportunities for green finance to support a just transition to a sustainable economy. Having relevant and accurate information from financial institutions (FIs) on the integration of climate risk management and provision of green financial services in MSME segments is crucial for policymakers and respective financial regulators to understand how their domestic financial sectors are integrating IGF approaches.

This session will provide a global context about climate-related data and different efforts to create green-related databases to measure climate-related risks that burden individuals and MSME sector to support financial regulators in transitioning to lower carbon emission economies.

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