• | Virtual
  • 16th December 2021 - 16th December 2021

Inclusive Green Finance Capacity Building for Nepal (Technical Workshop)

It is our great pleasure to host the Nepal and AFI Virtual In-Country Training on Inclusive Green Finance.  The training will host relevant multi-stakeholders including financial policymakers and regulators from Nepal to learn about the concept of inclusive green finance and the role of financial regulation in supporting resilience building and mitigating the impacts of climate change in the country as well as the country’s policy developments and initiatives on climate change and environmental degradation. 

Inclusive green finance (IGF) is a rapidly developing policy area that supports actions toward resilience building and mitigation of environmental change impacts through financial inclusion. It leverages financial inclusion to support low-income populations to adapt and build their resilience to environmental change and contribute to low carbon development.

As a background, the Nepal Rastra Bank requested the support of AFI to provide capacity building for national stakeholders on inclusive green finance to jumpstart IGF policymaking in the country. This is with the aim of helping the country’s finance sector channel resources to support the country’s climate and development objectives, and the broader global climate and sustainable development goals. As such, this event will provide a platform for the country’s policymakers and financial regulators and other stakeholders to better understand inclusive green finance; learn from the experiences of other countries; exchange ideas on jumpstarting and mainstreaming inclusive green or climate financing policies and chart out potential actions to inclusive green finance policymaking. The small group workshop will aim to finalize an action plan that will detail the next steps for Nepal in advancing IGF in the country. 

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