Microfinance - Response & Recovery from COVID-19: Regulator and Industry Perspective Webinar

AFI is organizing a webinar on Microfinance - Response & Recovery from COVID-19: Regulator and Industry Perspective on 13 July 2020, at 03:00 AM (UTC) (11:00 AM Kuala Lumpur) and 13:00 (UTC) (21:00 Kuala Lumpur).

As a financial frontliner microfinance is facing unprecedented pressure to preserve their portfolio quality amidst the COVID-19 economic, health and humanitarian crisis. While traditional financial service providers have often neglected women and women-owned MSMEs and with as many as 85% of microfinance customers being women, microfinance institutions have targeted them – even exclusively in some cases.

Globally there are more than 120 million microfinance customers and the gross loan portfolio stands at USD 112 billion. As the pandemic rages across the world, many customers – individuals and small businesses – are finding it increasingly difficult to repay their loans. With small businesses representing 90% of total businesses and 50% of the employment worldwide, dwindling economic activity will negatively impact the sector. Further, households are running out of emergency savings to withstand economic shocks emerging from the crisis.

COVID-19 is a global health and humanitarian crisis that has led to unprecedented financial crisis disproportionately impacting the poor, marginalised and small businesses. Institutions serving the poor and the marginalised are also being disproportionately affected. 

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