• | Maldives
  • 28th November 2022 - 1st December 2022

MMA-AFI Member Training on Inclusive Green Finance: What’s Next for Policymakers

With increased focus on inclusive green finance (IGF) policies and initiatives in several countries, there is also an enhanced perception of it being a mandate of central banks. This Member Training co hosted by Maldives Monetary Authority will build on participants’ understanding of IGF and focus on the implementation of various measures to green economies with IGF policies, using AFI’s 4P’s Model.

The training will be anchored on AFI’s Publication of IGF: From Concept to Practice, Integrating IGF into National Financial Inclusion Strategies, and the recent publication on Towards an Inclusive Green Future. The training will place specific emphasis on developing IGF policies, integrating green into NFIS, use of Digital Financial Services to promote IGF as well as the Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) guidelines.

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