• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia |
  • 24th September 2018 - 28th September 2018

Peer Advisory Service – FinTech: Boosting Financial Inclusion

Peer Advisory Services

FinTech: Boosting Financial Inclusion

As part of the Capacity Building platform, Peer Advisory Services are among the services offered by AFI to its network where member institutions that have made significant progress on a particular policy area provide onsite technical guidance to other members who are at an advanced stage of implementation. Peer Advisory Service programs are designed to address specific issues within a policy area.

What are the objectives of the Peer Advisory Service?

Co-hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the main objective of this Peer Advisory Service program is to empower AFI members to develop action plans for designing and delivering FinTech initiatives in their own jurisdictions — supported and monitored by AFI.

This program will leverage on Malaysia’s expertise and recent experience in developing enabling polices for FinTech-focused inclusion. Participants will analyze the effectiveness of a regulatory sandbox approach and learn solutions that can be designed using the sandbox approach. “Clinic sessions” will be arranged to help solve specific challenges as submitted by members prior to the event, and develop actionable plans for their jurisdictions.

During the program, participants will:

  • Learn to analyze and enhance the effectiveness of a regulatory sandbox approach
  • Develop implementation frameworks for emerging issues and possible solutions for their own jurisdictions
  • Identify potential partnerships and collaboration through interaction with over 100 professionals

The five-day program consists of two parts:

  1. ASEAN E-Financial Inclusion Forum (24-26 September 2018)
  2. Training on Innovative Regulatory Approaches – the Sandbox Approach (27-28 September 2018)

Who should attend?

By invitation only, this program is open to selected member institutions with a clear focus on addressing issues within FinTech. Senior level officials who are at the forefront of leading FinTech initiatives will benefit from this five-day program. 

How to register?

Invitation for nominations have been emailed to AFI focal points of selected AFI member institutions. Feel free to get in touch with us at Capacity.Building@afi-global.org if you have any questions.


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