PPD Training on Cybersecurity Challenges and Resilience Management


Cybersecurity Challenges and Resilience Management co-hosted by AFI PPD Partner, Mastercard

August 2 (3 PM Onwards) and August 3, 2017 


What is the Training About?
As we move towards a more digitally financial included world, financial infrastructures are now more open to cybersecurity threats. Absence of resilient systems and frameworks is sure to compromise the financial security of institutions and end users significantly. Regulators and service providers have a role to play in providing solutions and to foster trust amongst end users so that the shift to a cash light economy continues.  

The training aims to provide an update on the cybersecurity threat landscape, its prevalence and impact. It will demonstrate best practices and discuss the key questions, answers to which would help develop resilient systems. 

Who Should Attend?
Middle and senior level officials from AFI member institutions who are involved in working on the challenges of cybersecurity threats, developing related policies that help safeguard transactions and build resilient systems will benefit the most from the training. 

How to Register?
Invitation for nominations will be emailed to AFI focal points of all AFI member institutions. 

For more information contact: Capacity.Building@afi-global.org 

Kuala Lumpur
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