Grants main image, Alliance for Financial Inclusion members speak at the 2014 Global Policy Forum.

Financial Inclusion Knowledge Exchange and Policy Grant Making

AFI members benefit from grants that support learning, research, development or implementation of financial inclusion related policy solutions. AFI grants can provide member institutions with the necessary funds to develop and test innovative policy approaches, facilitate learning exchanges on policies that have been successfully implemented elsewhere, or receive consulting support from financial inclusion policy experts from across the globe to further in-country policy development.

AFI offers two types of grants to AFI member institutions: knowledge exchange grants and policy grants.

Knowledge Exchange Grants

Knowledge exchange (KX) grants allow AFI members to learn from the policymaking experiences of others. Knowledge exchanges raise awareness of policy solutions in the AFI Network, create technical partnerships between members and offer valuable on-the-ground learning in countries that have successfully implemented new policy and regulatory solutions for financial inclusion.

Policy Grants

Policy grants address specific policy and regulatory issues and focus on advancing policy formulation and implementation. A primary goal of AFI’s policy grant making is to support development and implementation of Maya Declaration Commitments.

To learn more about AFI’s Grant Making Program and how to apply for funding contact us via email at