Deputy Executive Director


The Deputy Executive Director (DED) is a member of the Executive Team (ET) and works in close partnership with the Executive Director (ED) and the Chief Operations Officer (COO) to drive organizational success and strengthen the capability and capacity of AFI. The DED oversees policy and project implementation, manages the operations of Regional Offices, advises on governance policies, and leads various thematic teams/departments. The position assumes a proactive and leading role in setting and implementing organizational objectives as well as developing strategies for business operations.


  • Direct and oversee annual planning and the implementation of AFI’s Policy Programs and Implementation (PPI) including In-Country Implementation (ICI), Gender Inclusive Finance (GIF), Inclusive Green Finance (IGF), and Capacity Building (CB).
  • Responsible for leading, managing, and overseeing key activities in regional offices such as the Africa Regional Office (ARO) and Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO) and regional coordination teams for the Arab, Asia and Pacific regions.
  • Oversee and provide guidance to the Heads of Regional Offices, ensuring alignment with the organizational strategy while respecting regional needs and market dynamics. Foster a collaborative and cohesive working environment across regional teams, promoting knowledge sharing and best practices.
  • Facilitate effective project management including approving expenditures for PPI, GIF, IGF, CB, ARO, LACRO, and regional coordination teams for Arab, Asia and Pacific regions ensuring alignment with members’ service demand, budgetary provisions, planning objectives and agreed commitments with funders.
  • Represent AFI at member institutions and international events as approved by the ED, to foster and maintain proactive relationships with member institutions and the international community.
  • Assume responsibility and leadership on strategic projects jointly defined and agreed upon with the ED.
  • Assist the ED in the role of Board Secretary, supporting the preparation and conduct of Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings, and Board Committee meetings to ensure good corporate governance.
  • Deputize for the ED during periods of absence, and on specific matters, issues, or elements of AFI operations delegated by the ED. Ensure consistency in approach and decisions that align with AFI’s objectives.
  • Contribute to the annual planning within the framework of the corporate scorecard.
  • Provide conceptual inputs and draft documents for Board papers, internal policies and regulations, and proposals related to AFI governance.
  • Review AFI’s knowledge products to ensure conformity to the quality and expectations of members.
  • Lead the annual Global Policy Forum (GPF) task team and the implementation on the ground.
  • Coach and mentor senior management staff members and support their professional development.
  • Provide reports to the ET and the Management Team (MT) on the activities of departments under the purview of the Deputy Executive Director’s Office.


  • Minimum 12-15 years of senior executive experience in central banks, financial regulatory authorities, international organizations, or intergovernmental organizations.
  • A master’s degree in economics or finance, or a relevant discipline, with international exposure during higher education.
  • Practical work experience in developing or emerging countries, focusing on financial sector policies such as financial inclusion and the generation of technical knowledge.
  • Extensive experience in engaging with financial policymakers and regulators at a high level.
  • Good track record in driving organizational growth, leading transformation initiatives, and adapting to evolving market dynamics.
  • Experience in strategic planning, policy development, program development, resource management, and project management.
  • Collaborate with relevant institutions and communities to build mutually beneficial relationships, enhance the organization’s reputation and branding, and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Strong understanding of corporate laws and governance best practices.
  • Possess a personality-driven leadership approach with an authentic style that inspires and influences others, emphasizing empathy, integrity, and a people-centric mindset.
  • Ability to empower and inspire the leadership team, with a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • International exposure in work assignments or managing global or regional operations.
  • A dual language proficiency in written and verbal English and in at least one or more additional languages.
  • Aspires to grow and with great potential for succession development as a top leader.
  • AFI is committed to gender inclusive finance and institutional diversity and encourages female candidates to apply.


  • Extensive understanding of management principles and techniques related to international non-profit organizations.
  • Excellent planning and organizing skills to establish a coherent course of action in achieving strategic results.
  • Sound knowledge of financial regulations.
  • Profound understanding of the Director’s or Board’s legal duties and responsibilities.
  • Solid experience in strategic governance structures and application of best practices and controls.
  • Good understanding of project management tools to effectively implement activities from earmarked funding.
  • Adeptly managing stakeholders to foster collaborative relationships.


  • High-level strategic thinking and planning, ability to envision and convey the organization’s strategies, and setting operations direction and policies.
  • Mission-driven, high integrity leadership skill, innovative approach to business operations and action-oriented.
  • Leading sustainable change to accelerate and enhance organizations’ performance.
  • Strong communication and solid writing skills apart from being innovative and technology-driven.
  • Dynamic and charismatic team player who works effectively in a multi-cultural environment and setting.
  • Future-oriented mind with excellent judgment on the appropriate balance between out-of-the-box thinking and the necessary establishment of solid organizational structures and procedures.


  • Identify and resolve complex operational challenges in a fast-growing international network organization with innovative management approaches, change management methodologies, and evidence-based solutions to drive organizational growth and efficiency.
  • Manage multi-cultural and highly diverse teams in advancing international financial inclusion policies. This includes overseeing teams in the host country and regional offices across different geographic locations and time zones.
  • Contribute and support the strategic expansion of AFI’s institution membership and international partnership. This effort aims to sustain and enhance AFI’s global positioning as a leading organization in the field of financial inclusion.

Interested candidates are invited to apply together with the latest CV and cover letter in English.

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