Head, Communications and Media Relations


AFI’s Communications and Media Relations department positions and promotes AFI as a global thought leader in financial inclusion among AFI members, developed country financial regulators, international organizations and development community, private sector partners, funders and investors, governments, and other global stakeholders.

The Head, Communications and Media Relations will lead the development and execution of AFI’s communications strategies and plans and holds a highly important strategic and crosscutting role in AFI’s Management Unit. The position reports to the Executive Director and oversees AFI’s strategic communication, media engagement, messaging, and online platforms.


  • Act as the Management Team member role to provide input and advice to the Executive Team and the Senior Management Team on AFI’s overall strategic plans and activities, including strategic opportunities, risks, and messaging, in a crosscutting manner.
  • Work closely with Director, ERO, Donor Relations and Global Partnerships to expand, tailor and scale strategic communications on AFI’s work to amplify the voice of AFI member institutions within the international community, showcase the impact of AFI’s work & advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Part of the Task Team that drive and support the implementation of AFI’s annual flagship event – Global Policy Forum (GPF) apart from leading management of AFI’s design elements for exhibitions, events, and other activities.
  • Partner all other departments in AFI on strategic communications and event planning, including publishing, editing, producing, messaging, promotion of strategically important policy / specific thematic areas, and external outreach activities, to help AFI meet broader strategic objectives.
  • Oversee the strategic monitoring and analysis of AFI’s evolving position in the public domain and will lead the implementation of corporate initiatives that strategically position AFI’s unique brand and amplify AFI members’ collective policy knowledge and voice across key stakeholder groups.
  • Oversee development and implementation of AFI’s positioning and media relations strategy which includes public relations (PR) outreach and persuasive messaging that positions AFI as a global thought leader in financial inclusion, with a convening power among financial regulators from emerging and developing markets, and peer learning leader for financial policy makers in both developing and developed countries.
  • Oversee development of short-term communications plans for specific events, outreach and awareness raising campaigns, and when necessary, to reinforce AFI’s main messaging.
  • Strengthen the communication / showcasing of AFI’s impact on the ground by the development of impact stories, data sets and materials that demonstrates the relevance of the organization.
  • Strategically expands and improves AFI’s communications and positioning with current and perspective funding partners and with media and other opinion setters in funding partners’ home jurisdictions.
  • Effectively utilize creative communications techniques and approaches to promote and market AFI services, platforms and activities.
  • Continuously monitor, assess and leverage on emerging technologies and financial inclusion landscape for strategic opportunities and risks, to strengthen AFI’s competitive advantage with regard to strategic communications and positioning in the public domain.
  • Oversee AFI digital engagement across its seven platforms, including website upgrades and updates, writing and editing of press releases, media appearances, interviews, and articles, briefing sheets and any other media materials, providing highest degree of quality assurance to all such products.
  • Support the Executive Director and the Senior Management Team on strategic global communications, media relations and event management, in all public communications activities (events, speeches, media articles, interviews, op-eds, social media, blogs, or any media / communications materials).
  • Uses appropriate metrics to evaluate impact and effectiveness of AFI’s communications, strategic positioning and events implementation approaches and appropriately overhaul to sustainably support AFI’s strategic objectives.


  • Master’s Degree or equivalent degree in communications, media relations, business, marketing, international relations, economics or similar.
  • Minimum 10 years of communications experience at senior management level with a proven track record in:
    • Developing and implementing communication strategies and plans
    • Managing public information and public relations
    • Producing digital content, digital newsrooms and events in multicultural environment or international media
    • Managing international, diverse, cross-cutting communications teams and stakeholders
  • Having a minimum 5 years of experience in marketing will be an advantage.


  • Competent in developing and implementing long-term institutional communications and messaging strategies.
  • Proven expertise in working with international media including top business media.
  • Competent in creating exhibitions and designs in support of international events.
  • Advanced creative writing skill.
  • Competent in managing and launching online and digital communications initiatives.


  • Set high professional goals and standards
  • Set examples and impose professional excellence.
  • Encourage and support focus on quality.


Interested candidates are invited to send the latest CV and cover letter in English to talent@afi-global.org

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