Policy Analyst, Gender Inclusive Finance (GIF)


The Policy Analyst, Gender Inclusive Finance (GIF) position is responsible for the day-to-day support on all GIF and Women MSMEs programs and activities to ensure delivery of GIF and Women MSMEs outcomes and outputs, in line with the business unit’s strategic implementation plan. The incumbent is a trusted resource for the GIF and SME Finance team to undertake research, assist in analyzing data, process data and information into key insights and effectively communicate key issues. He/she should have a good grasp of financial inclusion policy issues, with particular focus on gender and Women MSME finance. 

The position will collaborate particularly with Director, PPI, Senior Policy Manager, GIF and Senior Policy Manager, SME Finance, in the delivery of GIF and Women MSMEs programs to provide programmatic and project management support.


  • Undertake research to support content development on GIF and Women MSME related issues such as women’s financial inclusion, gender diversity and leadership, the intersection of GIF with other thematic areas such as MSME finance, green finance, youth finance and forcibly displaced persons.
  •  Process and analyse data and information relating to AFI members, as well as on developments and trends on financial inclusion, to ensure timely availability of up-to-date information on members’ GIF and Women MSME trends, priorities, and strategies.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of GIF related knowledge products (with particular focus on Women MSMEs), as well as provide a gender lens to non-gender specific knowledge products, to increase understanding of the GIF thematic area by AFI members and the wider AFI ecosystem.
  •  Facilitate the SME Finance Working Group subgroup discussion on Women MSMEs for the development of related knowledge products which include development of concept note, term of reference, arrangement of survey and key informant interview (KII) and coordinate with the consultant.
  •  Provide support to the GIF Committee (GIFC), including preparing technical papers, for providing leadership on advancing and promoting women’s financial inclusion across the AFI network.
  • Undertake research, analysis, and develop technical content and modalities for the GIF and Women MSME related sessions at AFI events, including working group meetings, regional events, capacity building events, and the annual Global Policy Forum (GPF).
  •  Prepare update reports on GIF and Women MSME programs and activities, to ensure AFI members and other relevant stakeholders are timely updated on GIF activities.
  •  Provide technical input in AFI’s internal and external communications programs such as communications campaigns and online media content, to ensure continuous and effective communication.
  •  Maintain an effective electronic filing system and repository for the GIF and Women MSME projects and undertake administrative tasks and budget tracking.
  • Identify areas of over or underspend in the departmental budget and notify the Director of PPI on any discrepancies. Additionally, support the donor reporting of the GIF budget.


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as Public Policy, International Development, Economics, Law, Social Sciences or Gender Equality. 
  • Minimum of three (3) years’ work experience in relevant fields such as financial sector policy or regulation; financial technology & innovation; international development policy; sustainable development; gender equality; SME financing, project management, or related fields. 
  • Direct exposure to financial inclusion policy, gender, and SME finance or closely other related fields is preferred.



  • Excellent written and spoken English is a requirement. Fluency in additional languages (particularly French and/or Spanish) is an advantage. 
  • Ability and expertise in organizing events and meetings. 
  • Experience/background in managing research and technical projects in the financial inclusion sector with public and private sectors. 
  • Solid gender sensitive research and data analysis skills to identify key trends and emerging topics. 
  • Report preparation, drafting and review, including preparing own work and reviewing through a gender lens the work of others. 
  • Project management and budget monitoring skills. 
  • Proficient computer (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database) and Internet research skills are expected. 
  • Understand how to monitor and evaluate the impact of own work and identify areas for enhancement. 
  • Strong administrative skills. 
  • Excellent organization and attention to detail. 
  • Highly motivated self-starter. 
  • Ability to multi-task, manage time and self-manage. 
  • Good interpersonal and intercultural skills. 
  • Positive attitude and collaborative team spirit. 
  • Interest in social impact and financial inclusion. 
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, small team.


  • The need to deliver in a fast moving and sometimes rapidly changing program and still meet member and donor commitments.
  •  The need to work across regions and business units to integrate GIF and Women MSME into other areas of policy work when faced with staff and members who have limited technical knowledge of the GIF topical areas.
  • The need to support other AFI staff and members with GIF reporting requirements and monitoring and evaluation of their GIF activities. 

Interested candidates are invited to apply together with the latest CV and cover letter in English. 

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