Leaders’ Perspectives

The Leaders' Perspectives feature insights from heads of institutions within the AFI network on effective solutions to address financial inclusion implementation challenges in their countries and regions, and ideas to better shape the global discourse on how to reach the remaining 1.7 billion unbanked.

We invite our heads of institutions to share opinions, ideas and thoughts and help direct the financial inclusion agenda.



FinTech will open access to banking in remote communities: Bahamas Central Bank Governor

Speaking in Nassau, the governor of the Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBOB) said the institution had introduced new regulations under a payment system framework and that it would shortly launch trials of digital payment instruments to provide easier access to mobile money products ... read more.



Financial inclusion: We need a forward-thinking and collaborative approach to succeed

In recent years, there has been both national and global efforts to enhance financial inclusion, which is not only about people having access to financial services and products, but also about people having the right knowledge and capabilities, to use these products and services to better their lives ... read more.


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Making access to financial services a citizenry right

Without access to financial services, it is difficult for people to attain basic social and economic needs. Lack of access to financial services entraps the poor and vulnerable segments of the society in the vicious cycle of poverty, making it harder for them to fully participate in the economy. Access to financial services is an enabler for achieving the goal of inclusive societies where citizens partake in the socio-economic development ... read more.

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