Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) and the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) unveil 2017 AFI Global Policy Forum logo and theme

The 2017 theme for the GPF is “Exploring Diversity, Promoting Inclusion”. The theme highlights the diversity of the world’s unbanked, as well as among the AFI members and partners. The GPF theme is a recognition that achieving financial inclusion for the world’s unbanked, requires a fully inclusive approach to sharing and exchanging knowledge.  

The theme is of relevance to Egypt which is a very diverse country; reflected in its population, dialects and cultures within the landscape country itself. It addresses a series of challenges to enhance financial inclusion, including socio-economic, demographic, technological and behavioral. Moreover, there is also a clear diversity among Egypt, the MENA Region and Arab countries; however, despite this diversity there are many other similarities which we can capitalize on to promote for and reach Financial Inclusion. 

The CBE is committed to exploring diversity in order to promote financial inclusion. The majority of the Egyptian population are underserved by the formal financial system and face barriers in accessing and using financial and non-financial products and services; thus leaving a large number of the people and enterprises outside the formal financial system.

The CBE recognizes that time has come to make it our duty to introduce sound measures to address financial inclusion and provide opportunity for the diversified segments of the population and enterprises that remain excluded from the system. The CBE has therefore taken the leadership to boost financial and non-financial capabilities for all citizens through embarking on a financial inclusion process to expand outreach to reach excluded groups. We are confident that our efforts complemented by global knowledge exchange and support for policy research and policy development as seen in the initiatives led by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion will enable us to drive forward for greater and sustainable financial inclusion.  

Inspired by the rich history and mythology of the Central Bank of Egypt’s home, the logo is based on the Egyptian goddess Isis, who was connected with the spread of knowledge and wisdom in the ancient world. The wings of Isis have been adapted to incorporate the traditional AFI circles, with some additional colours to represent plumage of wings. The individual elements within the wings represent the many members of the AFI network working together on the important policy topics that allow financial inclusion knowledge and wisdom to take flight.

The 2017 AFI GPF will take place from 13-15 September in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and will be the showcase of the unique financial inclusion initiatives undertaken by members in the Arab region. It is expected to be the largest and most comprehensive event ever held by the Alliance.