• Busy market in Ghana
    Busy market in Ghana
Busy market in Ghana

AFI Digital Financial Services (DFS) and Global Standards Proportionality (GSP) Working Groups set to hold joint meeting in Ghana

AFI members and partners from around the world will converge in Accra, Ghana from 20-23 February for the Alliance’s first Working Group meetings of 2017.

The working groups will hold a joint session to begin these meetings, providing an opportunity to discuss common priority issues, look for complementary activities and discuss possible collaborative publications. AFI’s Executive Director Alfred Hannig will join high-level representatives from Ghana in welcoming the participants, after which the unique journey for financial inclusion in Ghana will be showcased. Mr. Hannig is also scheduled to moderate a special session on AFI’s potential role in shaping international policy norms. 

Following the joint meeting, DFS and GSP Working Group members will enter into detailed discussions on their individual strategies. Among the issues to be covered by DFS are interoperability, biometrics, and regulatory impact. GSP will be examining Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, proportionality in deposit insurance, as well as FinTech regulations. Both groups will also conduct peer reviews on draft regulations.

A priority for the working groups will be AFI’s initiatives for financial inclusion and gender. Specifically, sessions are planned on how each working group can help support the principles of the Denarau Action Plan. 

The final day of the Working Group meetings will bring both groups together again for discussions on Maya Declaration targets, central bank issues pertaining to digital currencies, regulatory approaches to FinTech and goals for the next meeting which will be held ahead of the AFI Global Policy Forum in Egypt.

Immediately following the Working Group meetings, AFI will join its Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) partner Visa to host a training session on Catalyzing Financial Inclusion with Government Payments. Part of AFI’s Capacity Building program, this interactive day-long training will look at how government payments can catalyze financial inclusion and lead to long-term, sustainable impacts and benefits.

For the full agenda and more details of these and other upcoming events, visit the AFI Events page.