Financial inclusion policymakers from around the globe will convene in Sochi for the 2018 Global Policy Forum

The world’s biggest forum for financial inclusion policymakers — the 2018 AFI Global Policy Forum — is set to take place in Sochi from 5-7 September, 2018.

Organized by Bank of Russia (CBR) and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), the 2018 Global Policy Forum (GPF) is themed, “Innovation. Inclusion. Impact.” — striving to provide a platform to showcase the latest innovations in technology, progress made in financial inclusion and its impact in paving the way for greater financial access, particularly for the rural poor and women.

2018 marks this year’s GPF as the 10th edition, making it special and different from its predecessors. In addition, 2018 also marks another milestone in AFI’s history so far — its 10th anniversary — celebrating a decade of advancing financial inclusion. Visit www.afi-global.org/gpf for more information.

AFI recognizes the GPF as the keystone event for its vibrant and growing global network, co-hosted by a different member institution in a different region of the world every year. Over the past decade, GPFs have supported the environment for historic financial inclusion policy initiatives, and declarations that have made a powerful impact on the global quest to bring the world’s two billion unbanked into the formal financial system.

About the 2018 GPF logo

The 10th GPF logo represents the rich ornament of the kokoshnik, a headpiece worn by women in Russia. The delicately woven details and often precious stones and gems, represented as different circles, symbolize the member institutions of AFI. 

Kokoshnik, as the logo of the forum, embodies the traditions and cultural heritage of the host country—Russia. At the same time, as an element of clothing worn by all women throughout Russia’s history, the kokoshnik represents the access to financial services and increased financial literacy. The 10th anniversary of AFI and GPF is symbolized by the ten double orange circles at the heart of the logo.

About the 2018 GPF theme


Technology is a key driver in increasing access to financial services. Financial technology, “FinTech” has been reshaping the financial services industry to an unprecedented degree and with great speed. AFI members are recognizing that innovation in financial technology (FinTech) offers great opportunities for developing and emerging economies to significantly drive the uptake, and maximize the benefits, of digital financial services (DFS).


Financial inclusion has a positive impact on economic and social development, by better enabling people to make payments and manage their money safely and conveniently including through digital payments; building resilience to deal with economic shocks through savings, credit and insurance; and even planning for the future and increase financial health. For these reasons financial inclusion has come to be seen in many countries as a universal right, fundamental to economic well-being and to meeting the economic and financial needs, particularly of vulnerable individuals and communities.


AFI members have developed and implemented 380 policies and regulations to advance financial inclusion, and more than 60 countries have developed or are in the process of developing national financial inclusion strategies (NFIS). Approximately 66 AFI member institutions have made Maya Declaration commitments to advance financial inclusion. These efforts are yielding results, with notable increases in access, usage and quality of financial services.

With less than two weeks to go, the GPF will provide member institutions an opportunity to share their success stories and showcase how these polices are making impact and changing their societies.

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