Central Bank of Jordan will co-host 2020 AFI Global Policy Forum.

Marhaba Jordan!

Clapping and cheering followed announcement that the next Global Policy Forum will be  held in Jordan.  

Speaking in a pre-recorded video, Central Bank of Jordan Governor Ziad Fariz said: “We hope that everyone will join in and enjoy … the ideas, the interaction and the fun in our beautiful country. I encourage you all to come and join us in Jordan 2020. I am looking forward to seeing you”.

His enthusiasm was shared by the central bank’s Head of Financial Inclusion, Amr Ahmad, who accepted the GPF gavel. Retelling a personal anecdote, he said, “I was having a talk with a friend two years ago about hosting a GPF … and we promised ourselves that we would host in 2020. Come to Jordan and make us happy by your presence. We are looking forward to seeing everyone,” he said.



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