1 March 2019

Call for applications for in-country policy implementation grants on green financial inclusion

AFI is calling upon its members to apply for in-country policy implementation grants on green financial inclusion.

Green financial inclusion policy grants aim to identify new innovative policy areas and support their implementation and sustainable impact. Grants can be used to develop and test innovative policy approaches, facilitate learning exchanges on policies that have been successfully implemented elsewhere, or receive consulting support from green financial inclusion policy experts from across the globe to advance their in-country policy development and implementation.

Eligibility criteria:

Policy grants are eligible to Principal members of the AFI Network who –

✓ Paid their 2019 membership fees

✓ Pledged a Maya Declaration Commitment or specific national commitment on green financial inclusion thematic area that the requested grant will help achieve

✓ Do not have an ongoing AFI grant for financial inclusion policy implementation.

AFI’s work on green financial inclusion aims to identify and promote financial sector policies that improve the adaptation of individuals and MSMEs to climate change and/or include individuals and MSMEs in climate mitigation efforts. Examples of eligible policies include, but are not limited to, environmental credit risk management, innovative climate risk insurance and green fintech solutions that either facilitate financing of low carbon technologies or improve people’s/MSME’s resilience to the impacts of climate change.

AFI’s workstream on green financial inclusion is funded by the International Climate Initiative (IKI) supported by the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety


To learn about the grant application process please contact our team at grants@afi-global.org

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