Fletcher School Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion 2023 graduates

23 October 2023

Celebrating the new generation of financial inclusion leaders

At the recent AFI Global Policy Forum in Manila, the Fletcher School Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion celebrated its 2023 fellows, many of whom work at AFI member institutions.

The event marked the culmination of an intensive nine-month program that provided participants with the skills needed to design and implement sound and innovative financial inclusion policies. 18 fellows from 17 countries graduated in the 2023 class.


Mtchaisi Chintengo, Reserve Bank of Malawi


“The Program gave me the tools to systematically think about, develop and implement financial inclusion policy solutions. We are developing a new financial inclusion strategy and my work during the course provided guidance on how to approach several priority areas. The policy solution that I developed has a capacity building element related to Farmer/SME Finance, which I plan to continue developing with the assistance of AFI.”


The Fletcher School Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion comprises a 12-module online course, followed by a two-week residence at Tufts University. Applications are now open for the 2024 Fellowship – you can find full details here.

Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates!

  • Batchimeg Batbold, Financial Regulatory Commission of Mongolia
  • Cyril Benoiton, Central Bank of Seychelles
  • Mariam Bubakari, Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Mtchaisi Chintengo, Reserve Bank of Malawi
  • Gift Bwale Choweni, Pensions and Insurance Authority, Zambia
  • Diogo Cruz, Central Bank of Brazil
  • Lâma Daher, Banque du Liban
  • Smith A. Deko, Central Bank of Liberia
  • Paula Franco, Financial Superintendency of Colombia
  • Vincent Kalule, Financial Intelligence Authority, Uganda
  • Samuel Kiemo, Central Bank of Kenya
  • Dastan Massawe, Bank of Tanzania
  • Jabu Moroko, National Treasury, South Africa
  • Nabila Oiza Okino, Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Soamialy Rafiringa, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Madagascar
  • Muhidin Shifa, National Bank of Ethiopia
  • Brenda Sikwila, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Lepani Uluinaviti, Reserve Bank of Fiji

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