Reference Number REOI 4
Title Online Course on the Collection and Implementation of Sex Disaggregated Data (SDD)
Duration Approx. 19 - 22 days of Work
Thematic SMEF, Inclusive FinTech, GIF
Submission Deadline January 10, 2024
Posted on December 19, 2023
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Developing an Enabling Financial Policy and Regulatory Environment for Women SMEs in Africa 



Provision of Professional Consultancy Service for the development of an Online Course on the Collection and Implementation of Sex Disaggregated Data (SDD)

Women Small and Medium Enterprise (WSME) Sector

Project ID No.: G-Z1-ID0-ZZZ-028


This is a Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) on behalf of AfDB towards the below scope.


The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) has received financing from the African Development Bank toward the cost of the Developing an Enabling Financial Policy and Regulatory Environment for Women SMEs in Africa and intends to apply part of the agreed amount for this grant to payments under the contract for the development of Gender Inclusive Finance and Women’s SME Case Studies in Africa.


The overall objective of the project is to build the capacity of financial regulators and policymakers to leverage sex-disaggregated financial inclusion data to accelerate women’s financial inclusion through online learning. The project aims to transfer the knowledge generated within the AFI network to a large number of learners which consist of the staff of AFI member institutions who are geographically dispersed in the various parts of the world, the staff of other institutions working on Gender-Inclusive Finance and also financial inclusion professionals (individuals) who are not part of the AFI network.

AFI is seeking to engage a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to work closely with the AFI team to design and develop the online course. The role also extends to delivering services that are required by the course such as running a Webinar and responding to student queries over the LMS platform.

The SME is expected to lead the process of developing and delivering this online course, in coordination with the AFI team. Approximately about 19 to 22 days of work is expected to complete the assignment. The services included in this project are:


  1. Pre-development Tasks: The focus here is on creating a high-quality online course. This involves establishing clear learning outcomes that define what learners should be able to do by the end of the course. The course will be structured into 5 to 7 major topics, each forming a module with content tailored to different difficulty levels: basic, intermediate, or advanced. Each module will contain 6 to 9 pages of relevant content, resources, and activities designed to engage learners actively through sharing, discussing, creating, and applying concepts. The course will include 3 to 5 new case studies, 2 video transcripts, and various learning activities, including mini activities and a core activity for each module. There will be two final assignments: a set of 25 multiple-choice questions and a 300-word essay. Additionally, relevant external readings will be suggested to supplement the course material.
  2. Development Tasks: In this phase, the work involves reviewing and validating the course components developed by the AFI team. This includes assessing the storylines or scenarios, quizzes, information nuggets, assignments, and case studies. The role also includes reviewing and providing feedback on the functional prototype of the online learning courses. Lastly, there is an advisory component, guiding the AFI Team on the final version of the online course to ensure it meets the desired educational standards and learning outcomes.
  3. Post-development Tasks: After the course is published and subscribed to, the focus shifts to facilitating the first cohort, which spans a 12-week learning period. Responsibilities include encouraging meaningful discussions among learners, observing and supporting learner engagement, guiding learners in managing their own learning, and balancing involvement in discussions. Additionally, the role involves moderating 3 webinar sessions during the first cohort and assessing and marking learners’ answers to the final essay assignment. This phase is crucial for building a sense of community within the course and ensuring that learners are actively engaged and benefit from the course content.

This assignment is an offsite work and involves the following:

  1. The SME is expected to work with the AFI Team, to get an understanding of the AFI technical content and organizational context.
  2. The SME is required to collect additional inputs from the selected AFI member institutions in developing effective case studies/simulations/scenarios.
  3. The technical content of the online course must maintain at least 70% applicability to the financial regulators.


The AFI now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services.(Company profile, CV, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.)  

The contract should be awarded to an individual consultant as the SME. The SME should have:

  • 8-10 years of experience in working on financial inclusion with a focus on financial inclusion policy and regulations-related work and activities.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in working on women-owned MSMEs’ access to finance, especially with a focus on policy and regulatory aspects.
  • Experience working with policymakers/ regulators and other financial inclusion stakeholders.
  • Experience in developing and organizing training programs.
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills – verbal and written.


Eligibility criteria, establishment of the short-list and the selection procedure shall be in accordance with the African Development Bank’s “Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations” October 2015 which is available on the Bank’s website at


How to Apply

Interested applicants may follow this Link to the Official site for better reference and revert by email to AFI’s Procurement & Contracts Office at by 10 January 2024 at 1700 hours, Côte d’Ivoire local time and mentioned “REOI 4_Online Course on the Collection and Implementation of SDD“.

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