Reference Number RFP2402
Title Professional Consultancy Services for the Design, Development and Delivery of a New AFI Website
Duration March 2024 to September 2024
Thematic M&E
Submission Deadline February 12, 2024
Posted on January 29, 2024
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Annexure 1 - Technical Proposal Template

Annexure 2 - Financial Proposal Template

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

General TCs (Services)


1. Background:

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is the world’s leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation. Currently, 84 member institutions make up the AFI network including central banks, ministries of finance and other financial policymaking or regulatory institutions from over 76 developing countries and emerging markets. AFI empowers policymakers to increase the access and usage of quality financial services for the underserved through sustainable and inclusive policies and an effective use of digital technologies. 


2. Project Background:

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion is an international organization based in Malaysia, with offices in Luxembourg and Abidjan. A member alliance of 86 central banks and financial regulators from 82 countries, it works to advance progress on financial inclusion (i.e. expanding access to financial services to poor and disadvantaged communities).

The AFI website serves as a “one-stop shop”: a repository for AFI reports (approx. 20 new publications each year), and the home of news, videos, and information about AFI’s various activities, initiatives and events.

The current website, launched in 2021, is based on a WordPress platform, and has approx. 12k monthly visitors. Primary users are from AFI member organizations, but people working on/researching financial inclusion also visit the site. While the existing website functions adequately, it would benefit from a redesign to enhance the user experience.

AFI is now inviting proposals from companies with a track record of success in website design and production, to develop a new website. AFI welcomes proposals for WordPress, Drupal or other user-friendly platform solutions. The contract will include technical support and maintenance for the six months following launch, and is potentially extendable.


3.  Overall Objective: 

Develop and deliver a new AFI website. The new site will have a user-friendly interface and architecture, and a refreshed look and feel, making use of platform functionalities while displaying content in an organized and attractive manner.

AFI should be able to manage the site, and upload content, without the need for extensive technical expertise. i.e. the site should be built in a way that permits AFI web managers to make updates smoothly.


4. Scope of Work:

Work will be undertaken under the supervision of AFI’s Communications Unit, and will encompass

  • initial research and briefing with AFI on desired functionalities for the new site,
  • proposing design options,
  • building the site,
  • migrating content from existing site,
  • training AFI administrators on content management and maintenance, and
  • support and maintenance for the period following site launch.

NB: the website should be built with SEO best practices in mind.


Support Provided:

AFI will grant access to the current AFI website code and content including WordPress administration console, all documents and pages, plugins, themes and additional files.


5. Key Deliverables:

The following are the key deliverables of this assignment:

  • Participate in briefing sessions to understand AFI’s context and audience, site users’ needs, and corresponding user interface requirements, workflows, and functionalities
  • Functionalities to include: responsive design, language options, interactive map, search function, social sharing features, multiple page styles and custom post types, simplified and user-friendly content architecture
  • Perform SEO Keyword research
  • Develop a design concept for the site
  • Share a maximum of three proposals with AFI
  • Develop the visual concept and language for the site, adjusting it based on feedback and comments from AFI
  • After approval of final concept, build new site and migrate content from existing site
  • Testing before going live
  • Develop a user manual and train AFI system administrators (two members of the Communications Unit) to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.
  • Source code handover: full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to AFI
  • Support and maintenance: Administrative and technical support, quality control, content updates which are not possible from the CMS user interface, for a period of six months.


6. Timeline and Deliverables:

The assignment is expected to be undertaken between March and September 2024. Below is a tentative timeline:



Tentative Dates


Kick off meeting

March 2024


Conceptualization and Design

March 2024


Share Proposal of Design Concepts

April 2024


Site Design Approval

May 2024


Website Development

June 2024


Content migration; review and testing

July – August 2024


Develop User Manual

July – August 2024


Train AFI System Administrators

July – August 2024


New Site Goes Live

2 September 2024


7. Travel:

No Travel is expected for this assignment. The consultant(s) will work remotely and undertake virtual meetings to complete the tasks.


8. Consultant Experience:

  • 5 years+ of professional experience in website development and design
  • Experience of working with international organizations, and on global products
  • Prior work demonstrates artistic and innovative, user friendly interfaces that engage communities and viewers.
  • Candidate has successfully completed similar projects and has the qualifications necessary to undertake this project.
  • Candidate has the ability to develop the site in the time frame needed.


9. Reporting:

Throughout the contract period, the Consultant will be reporting to AFI’s Head of Communications, Dougal Thomson.


10. Payment Terms:

The payment terms/schedule proposed for this consultancy are as following:

Deliverables for Website Delivery


Upon Signing of Contract


Upon Site Design Approval


Upon Acceptance of User Manual and Training of System Administrator


Upon New Site Going Live




Post-Delivery Expenses


Website Support and Maintenance Charges

(Monthly fee)


11. Proposal Submission Information:

Proposals will be due with the following requirements for submission:

Submission Deadline:

12 February 2024

Documents to be submitted with Annexure 1 and 2:


·        Company Registration

·        Company Profile

·        List of previous or current clientele on similar work

·        References with email contact

·        Joint-Agreement (if any)

·        Conflict of Interest Disclosure form

Method of Submission:

By email to AFI’s Procurement & Contracts Office at


Submission of Technical and Financial proposal:

Kindly submit the following:

1.    Using the template/format given in Annexure 1 (Technical) and Annexure 2 (Financial) and/or additional technical proposal for more information.

2.    Technical and Financial proposal must be separated in different pdfs.

3.    Financial proposals must be USD only. For Malaysian applicants with Business Registration under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), please submit your financial proposals in MYR.

4.     Proposal to be submitted to the designated email address.

5.     AFI does not tolerate copyright infringement, including but not limited to infringement, in the form of plagiarism. Consultant or Consulting entity awarded a contract by AFI shall take responsibility to ensure that the authored works, produced in parts or as an entirety of the deliverables stated in this RFP does not infringe on copyrights.

AFI is not bound to accept the lowest quoted bid and reserves the right to disqualify incomplete submission, overlapping submission, non-compliance to the above requirements. Notification of results will only be sent to shortlisted candidates upon completion. 

10.1      Retention of Proposals

All proposals submitted become the property of AFI. AFI will make all reasonable efforts to maintain proposals in confidence and will release proposals only to personnel involved with the evaluation of the project. Proprietary information should be identified in each proposal. 


12. Evaluation Criteria

The proposals submitted will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


Technical Scoring Criteria



Profile and Experience of Company



Track record of website design on open-source platforms



Experience of delivering digital projects for international organisations



Technical Qualification and Experience of Project Team



Adequacy of proposed Workplan and Timeline



Content and Quality of Proposal






Evaluation of technical and financial proposals

AFI reserves the right to award the most suitable proposal based on the evaluation of combined criterion, where bidders are qualified by the combined valuation of the technical and financial proposals, with the following weightage:

i) Technical Proposal: 70% (Seventy percent)

ii) Financial Proposal: 30% (Thirty percent)


How to Apply

Interested applicants are expected to submit a proposal with an updated CV and using the template given by email to AFI’s Procurement & Contracts Office at by 12 February 2024.

Note: AFI does not tolerate copyright infringement, including and not limited to infringement, in the form of plagiarism. Consultant or consulting entity awarded a contract by AFI shall take responsibility to ensure that the authored works, produced in parts or as an entirety of the deliverables stated in this RFP does not infringe on copyrights.

The final decision on the selection of a consultant/consulting firm for this project rests with AFI management team and with the Inquiry. Only shortlisted and successful consultants will be contacted.

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