6 June 2018

PIRI Financial Inclusion 2017 Status Report

As financial inclusion leaders, it is crucial for PIRI leaders to continue to drive the activities of financial inclusion in their respective countries and to pursue success in the delivery of their commitments to their financial inclusion agendas.

This special report was prepared for AFI members in the Pacific Islands region to showcase the progress of their financial inclusion journey. The financial inclusion stories captured in this report is sourced from the AFI Data Portal, where members have provided data on their Maya Commitments, financial inclusion indicators and policy profiles. The involvement of AFI in assisting the PIRI countries in their financial inclusion initiatives have enabled these countries to make substantial progress in their financial inclusion agendas. Although some have progressed further than others in their engagement in certain areas of financial inclusion, most PIRI countries have now placed leadership as a priority in their pursuit of greater financial inclusion. Download the special report to learn more.

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