SME Finance Working Group

Alliance for Financial Inclusion SME Finance Working Group participant

The SME Finance Working Group (SMEFWG) was created in 2013 with the aim of creating a unique forum for financial policymakers to discuss, innovate and jointly create smart policies that facilitate small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) access to formal financial services, and, particularly, access to finance. With this agenda in mind, the working group has focused on conducting internal surveys, and elaborating knowledge products that have led to the creation of indicators to measure the access of SMEs to finance.

The implementation of policy frameworks and interventions at a national level allows the financial inclusion of SMEs, and provides a platform for AFI member institutions to discuss the challenges and opportunities for this niche of the economy. Also, this working group constitutes an internal referent when it comes to spur peer-to-peer learning. The outcomes produced by SMEFWG are tailored to provide evidence that shed light about different policies solutions, and take the lessons learned from the national implementation of specific direct interventions and programs.

View our SMEFWG Fact Sheet to learn more about the working group and its policy changes and peer reviews.