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BNM-AFI Staff & Member Training: Training of Trainers on Instructional Strategies

Co-hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia, this training is targeted for AFI staff and members who play a key role in the design and delivery of Capacity Building events and Working Group meetings, and those who are committed to participate in multiple AFI events.

7th Annual Roundtable of the Leaders of the African Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (AfPI)

The 7th Annual Roundtable of the Leaders of AfPI will take place from 27 February to 1st March 2019 in Abidjan, Republic of Cote d’Ivoire.

Global Thought Leadership Conference: "Reshaping the Future for Universal Financial Inclusion"

The conference is being held to mark the occasion of the official opening of the AFI Africa office, and events will begin with a welcome dinner on the evening of 28 February.  

Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct (CEMC) & Digital Financial Services (DFS) Working Group Meetings

The Central Bank of the Bahamas and AFI are pleased to announce that CEMC and DFS Working Group meetings are set to take place from 25-29 March, 2019 in the Bahamas.