Global Policy Leadership Alliance

AFI is a policy leadership alliance owned and led by member central banks and financial regulatory institutions with the common objective of advancing financial inclusion at the country, regional and international levels. AFI partners with regulators, international organizations and private sector leaders to drive practical solutions and facilitate the implementation of impactful policy changes through its cooperative model that embeds peer learning, knowledge exchange and peer transformation.

AFI was founded on the idea that a global knowledge exchange platform was key to expanding and improving financial inclusion policies. Over the years, the AFI network – with support from donors and partners – has invested deeply in this platform and is delivering tangible results.

It has been over a decade since AFI began its quest to address the global challenge of financial exclusion and in that time has witnessed tremendous achievements from its membership of central banks and financial regulators from almost 75 emerging and developing countries to advance the financial inclusion agenda.

Our Vision
Making financial services more accessible to the world’s unbanked.
Our Mission
Empowering policymakers to increase access and usage of quality financial services for the underserved, through formulation, implementation and global advocacy of sustainable and inclusive policies.
Our Cooperation Model
The cooperation model upon which our network is built is a simple one, based on two key priorities:
Country-led approaches: AFI members focus on ways to support countries in designing and implementing high-impact solutions to meet their unique needs and challenges. This approach has created ownership and a sense of pride as ever more ambitious targets are set and achieved.
Peer-to-peer engagement: The value of knowledge and experience is not judged by the size or wealth of any one institution. Our cooperation model creates a community of equals where every member, no matter how large or small, is given the opportunity to share as well as to learn.
AFI governance structure

The Alliance For Financial Inclusion is an organization registered under the International Organizations (Privileges and Immunities) Act 1992 in Malaysia. The organization is principally engaged in the activities of promoting and developing evidence-based policy solutions that help to improve the lives of the poor.

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