Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (ARFIPI)

Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (ARFIPI)

Established in January 2024 in response to a request from Arab region members for more engaging activities at regional level, the Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (ARFIPI) provides a space for AFI members to discuss common financial inclusion challenges, share knowledge, and learn from members’ experiences, through In-Country-Implementation programs, and regional peer exchanges and events.

ARFIPI aims to contribute to the formulation of effective financial inclusion policies, to enhance In-Country Implementation of policies, and to propose harmonized approaches across the Arab Region. As a Forum, it elevates regional voices on financial inclusion issues, relays them to the wider AFI network, and facilitates both technical and high-level discussions.

ARFIPI complements the activities of the Financial Inclusion for the Arab Region Initiative (FIARI), a multi-partnership regional platform created by AFI, the Arab Monetary Fund and the German Development Cooperation, and joined by the World Bank Group.


Member Institutions
Member Countries
  1. Contribute to the formulation of financial inclusion policies.
  2. Propose harmonized regional policies and regulatory approaches to deepen financial inclusion.
  3. Promote a common understanding about region-specific challenges and opportunities.
  4. Elevate regional voice on key financial inclusion policy issues.
  5. Share regional financial inclusion lessons internally and with the wider AFI network.
  6. Facilitate high-level discussions around financial inclusion challenges.
  7. Enhance in-country implementation of financial inclusion policies.


Ibtissam El Anzaoui from Bank Al-Maghrib is the current chair for the 


ARFIPI activities are implemented and coordinated through the following mechanism:

    ARFIPI Leaders, governors and ministers of AFI Arab region member institutions meet at annual roundtable to discuss policy issues and provide strategic guidance. They also meet on the sidelines of the AFI Global Policy Forum to discuss other strategic matters. The ARFIPI Leaders Roundtable provides leadership and guidance to the Expert Group to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of activities.
    Presides over the meetings of the Leaders Roundtable, facilitates discussions, and represents ARFIPI in its relations with Governments and other entities. The Chair is seconded by a Vice-Chair.
  • Expert Group on Financial Inclusion Policy (EGFIP)
    The technical implementing arm of ARFIPI, reporting to the ARFIPI Leaders’ Roundtable. Comprised of nominated senior officials from AFI members in the Arab Region, EGFIP identifies and develops key activities to address pertinent regional or sub-regional challenges of enhancing financial inclusion. A Chair and Vice-Chair are elected to preside over the EGFIP meetings.
  • The AFI Management Unit coordinates the organization of Leaders and EGFIP meetings.


  • Autorité de contrôle de la Microfinance
  • Bank Al-Maghrib
  • Central Bank of Egypt
  • Central Bank of Jordan
  • Central Bank of Mauritania
  • Central Bank of Tunisia
  • Jordan Payments Clearing Company – JoPACC
  • Palestine Monetary Authority


  • July 2022, Tunis, Capacity building and technical workshop on Youth financial inclusion
    Under the framework of the Youth Arab Financial Inclusion Initiative (YARFII), the event enabled participants to identify the requirements for effective policies to support youth financial inclusion, based on the principles and pillars of the AFI Youth Financial Inclusion Policy Framework.
  • March 2023, virtual technical workshop on Youth financial inclusion
    Updates on progress made by AFI members in Youth policy, presenting the key insights of the Special Report on the Landscape of Youth Financial Inclusion in the Arab region, and discussing youth financial inclusion policy priorities in the region.
  • September 2022, AFI Global Policy Forum in Jordan
    AFI members from the Arab Region requested more engaging activities at regional level and endorsed a proposal to create a technical group of experts from AFI members in the Arab region, working together to address financial inclusion regional challenges.
  • 27th April 2023, Arab Financial Inclusion Day
    AFI members agreed to establish a fully-fledged regional initiative for the Arab Region, open to AFI members.
  • September 2023, AFI Global Policy Forum in Manila
    Leaders voted for the name of the initiative: the Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative, ARFIPI.
  • January 2024
    Eight members have endorsed the charter for ARFIPI in January 2024. The first meeting of the EGFIP also was scheduled to start developing the action plan for the regional initiative.


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