Become an AFI Member

Become an AFI Member

Why become an AFI Member?

AFI is unique: the world’s only policy leadership alliance owned and led by member central banks and financial regulatory institutions from the global South. Consisting of 86 central banks and financial regulatory institutions from 82 countries, AFI works to advance financial inclusion nationally, regionally, and globally. Members come together to set the global financial inclusion agenda, and exchange insight on solutions to achieve their goals. Membership of AFI’s global network opens the door to a wide range of national, institutional and personal opportunities, including:   

   Access to peers and industry leaders to guide your strategy and projects 

         Financial and technical support to help achieve your goals 

 Technical training and peer learning opportunities for your staff 

Access to cutting-edge
case studies and insight 

Attending, speaking at,
hosting financial inclusion events

A global platform to
promote your country’s



     The opportunity to shape and steer the global financial inclusion agenda 


Who can apply for AFI Membership?

If you are interested in learning more about AFI’s membership criteria or would like to apply for membership, please contact us here: We will respond with detailed information of membership benefits, requirements, and fees. 

“Membership of AFI allows us to work as a collective in furthering the issues and challenges that we are facing. So rather than going it alone, we are stronger and together as a group.”

Lanna Lome-Ieremia,
Central Bank of Samoa

“Financial inclusion is always evolving. We learn a lot from peers aroundflat the AFI network. They share lessons from their journey so far, the challenges of implementing certain policy changes and models, and what new trends are coming up.”

Nomcebo Hadebe,
Ministry of Finance, Eswatini/Centre for Financial Inclusion

“I learn a lot from the other members. It’s a huge network and a great network. Learning from the progress made by other central banks helps us to move forward.”

Hakima El Alami,
Bank Al-Maghrib

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