2015 GPF
Maya Declaration
2015 GPF
Maya Declaration
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2015-01-30 IIF G20 Conference’s Financial Inclusion and New Technologies panel to showcase voices from AFI Network
2014-09-12 Alliance for Financial Inclusion's 2014 Global Policy Forum Concludes With New Achievements, New Commitments and a New Vision for the Network's Future
2014-09-10 AFI reveals new home in Malaysia and new funding partner with Omidyar
2013-09-12 2013 AFI GPF launches Network on path to independence, announces 11 new Maya Declaration Commitments, adopts Sasana Accord
2013-03-01 Members of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion Take Regional Approach to Mobile Financial Services During Meetings in Africa and Latin America
2012-09-28 2012 AFI Global Policy Forum Highlights Global Impact of Financial Inclusion, Sees New Maya Declaration Commitments
2012-09-26 AFI, South Africa National Treasury 2012 Global Policy Forum media statement
2012-06-19 G20 Leaders Embrace the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) Peer Learning Model for Advancing Financial Inclusion
2012-02-27 Africa bids for mobile financial services leadership
2011-09-30 Maya Declaration Urges Financial Inclusion for World's Unbanked Populations
2011-09-26 Developing world officials meet to advance financial inclusion for the poor
2010-12-10 G20 Launches the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion
2010-11-11 G20 commits to financial inclusion
2010-09-27 Joint Press Release: GPF 2010
2010-09-27 110+ policymakers from developing countries meet in Bali
2010-08-04 Financial system regulators seek to unlock the potential of mobile phones in bringing financial services to the world’s poorest
2010-08-03 Press Release: Pacific Central Banks Discuss Expanding
2010-06-29 AFI response to G20
2010-06-23 Central Banks from developing and emerging countries unite to increase financial inclusion efforts
2010-06-15 Financial Inclusion is the buzz at Dakar Mobile Banking Summit