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Executive Director Reflections

Executive Director Reflections


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Launch of the Financial Inclusion Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean (FILAC)

AFI will launch its regional initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean during this meeting in Cartagena, Colombia.

AFI PPD Program Initiative: FILAC Regulatory Policy Forum on DFS and Financial Inclusion in Collaboration with MasterCard

This is a high level interactive forum to discuss the issues of strategic importance in Digital Financial Services in the Financial Inclusion Initiative for Latin-America and the Caribbean. 

High-Level Policy Forum: “Advancing Women’s Financial Inclusion in the Arab World” and Capacity Building Workshop on Women’s Financial Inclusion

A high-level policy dialogue and capacity development workshop on women’s financial inclusion.

International Conference on the Linkages between Financial Inclusion and Financial Stability

Members of AFI will attend a meeting on financial stability and inclusion in Bali, Indonesia.

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