Capacity Building

Capacity building at AFI is aimed to support AFI member institutions to gain and translate knowledge about financial inclusion policy, regulation and supervision into concrete actions that meet specific financial inclusion goals. It is one of the seven strategic initiatives of AFI directed to support the second AFI strategic objective of enhanced implementation of evidence-based financial inclusion policies.

As a member-owned policy-driving network, AFI is uniquely positioned to act as a “knowledge broker” by providing a learning platform where members share existing knowledge and experience and draw on technical expertise of AFI’s private sector partners and a wide range of external relevant sector players. Combined with the expertise of AFI’s staff, this peer learning approach makes the network’s capacity building platforms unique for financial inclusion policy and regulation.

AFI offers about 20 trainings every year, designed to meet the specific learning needs of its members:

  1. Joint Learning Program
  2. Member Training
  3. Training under AFI’s Public-Private Dialogue (PPD)
  4. In-Country Training
  5. Online course:
    – Certified Expert in Financial Inclusion Policy (CEFI)
    – AFI Educate

To learn more, view the capacity building factsheet. See the events calendar here.

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