Capacity Building

AFI’s capacity building events are designed to support AFI member institutions to gain and translate knowledge about financial inclusion policy, regulation and supervision into concrete actions that meet specific goals.

What makes our events unique is their focus on peer learning. Participants share knowledge and experience, as well as drawing on the technical expertise of AFI’s private sector partners and a wide range of external stakeholders.

AFI offers about 20 capacity-building events each year, designed to meet a wide range of learning needs. These are listed in our Events Calendar.

“AFI’s Capacity Building programme has really benefited the bank. Exposure to ideas from other countries has helped us to design policies around inclusion, climate change, gender and more, and has really shaped the way we do things.”

Stephen Armah, Head of Sustainability, Bank of Ghana

Online courses

Open to both AFI members and the wider financial inclusion community, our AFI Educate courses cover the key aspects of financial inclusion policy in a convenient format.

AFI Educate courses last twelve weeks and run three times per year (15 Feb to 15 May, 15 June to 15 Sept, 15 Oct to 15 Jan). They provide a solid grounding in key policy areas:

Fees: Courses are priced at US$250, with discounts available for multiple bookings.

If you’re ready to take your financial inclusion policy knowledge to expert level, our Certified Expert in Financial Inclusion Policy (CEFI) course, run in collaboration with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, will develop your ability to view new and existing policies through a financial inclusion lens.

Through online lectures, discussion groups and self-study, participants learn about:

  • Aligning the Goals of Financial Inclusion, Integrity and Stability
  • Measuring Financial Inclusion
  • Digital Financial Services
  • Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct
  • MSME Finance
  • Microcredit, Microsavings and Microinsurance
  • National Financial Inclusion Strategies

The CEFI course runs twice a year (March-August; September-February) and must be completed within six months. Estimated total workload is 150 hours, or 5-7 hours per week.

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