Demand Side Survey for Gender and Digital Awareness Roadmaps

Country: Palestine
Member institution: Palestine Monetary Authority
Timeline: 15 November 2021 – 31 October 2022
Thematic area: Financial Inclusion Data, Gender Inclusive Finance, Digital Financial Services



A 2016 study found that only 15% of adult females in Palestine had a bank account, compared to 42% of adult males. To reduce the gender gap, there was a need for specific and gender-sensitive transformative action, based on timely, reliable and valid data on the state of women’s financial inclusion, and the use of digital financial services.

The Palestine Monetary Authority sought AFI’s support to undertake a demand-side survey leading to the development of a comprehensive gender financial inclusion roadmap and digital awareness roadmap.

Project Activities


The project built up an information framework to enable the regulatory authorities in Palestine to make the right decisions to bridge the gender gap.

Through a gender segmentation of data, PMA was able to effectively integrate women’s financial inclusion issues into mainstream access to finance interventions, and raise financial digital awareness through the implementation of action plans.

The surveys and roadmaps produced through the project served as crucial decision-making support, allowing PMA to design and implement inclusive financial solutions that address the diverse needs of the population.

The PMA is now well-positioned to drive positive change and advance financial inclusion in Palestine by leveraging data-driven insights and implementing targeted policies.

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