Driving evidence based policies

Driving evidence based policies

Regional initiatives bring AFI closer to its members and strengthen regional cooperation in financial inclusion. They also enhance the network’s ability to support its members working on specific regional priorities, sharing regional knowledge and translating global financial inclusion issues into practical implementation at the regional and national level.

The AFI network is constantly monitoring new developments and maintains a commitment to support financial inclusion efforts in emerging fields and regions. In keeping with that commitment, the network currently has five key regional initiatives:

Regional initiatives culminate in the Leaders’ Roundtable, an annual event that sees leaders, policymakers and regulators meet to discuss policy issues and provide strategic guidance and oversight.

Activities are supported by AFI’s management unit through its:

Regional Chair:

Provides leadership and guidance to ensure the smooth and successful implementation of activities. Chairs are elected every three years.

Expert Group on Financial Inclusion Policy (EGFIP):

Senior officials from within AFI’s membership who undertake the technical implementation of regional activities, develop and implement work plans.

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