AFI engages a diverse range of stakeholders with shared goals of bringing financial inclusion to the world’s unbanked. Global donors and partners further advance the implementation of financially inclusive policies in key areas — including gender inclusive finance, inclusive green finance and digital financial services — through its strategic partnership platforms. While providing essential funding and intellectual cooperation to scale up AFI’s services, AFI membership remains restricted to policymakers and regulatory institutions.

Funding/Intellectual Partners

Like-minded intellectual partners that contribute unique knowledge, insight and financial resources to advance AFI’s mission and scale up our broad range of member services and offerings.
The French public institution has supported AFI in scaling up digital finance in Africa and beyond. Find out more.
The African Development Bank’s Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa program, known as AFAWA, and AFI introduced African a partnership set to increase financial inclusion for women-led enterprises across the continent. Find out more.
BMGF, a private foundation, is AFI’s founding partner whose support has been instrumental to help advance digital financial services. Find out more.
Germany’s BMZ has partnered with AFI to advance small and medium enterprise (SME) finance, capacity building, gender and financial inclusion for women, financial inclusion for forcibly displaced persons (FDPs), and work in Africa, the Arab region and elsewhere. Find out more.
Luxembourg’s Ministry of Finance has supported AFI in implementing programs across Africa, particularly for digital financial services and financial technology. Find out more.
AFI’s Inclusive Green Finance workstream is part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), based on a decision by the German Bundestag. Find out more.
Sweden has supported AFI in advancing women’s financial inclusion by working with member institutions to halve the gender gap in their respective jurisdictions. Find out more.

Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) partners

A handful of selected prominent private sector institutions that have a keen interest and proven capacity to systematically advance financial inclusion in developing and emerging countries through AFI PPD Platform. Each AFI PPD Partner contributes unique knowledge, resources and expertise to support AFI programs and activities. In turn, they benefit from a variety of offerings that promote frank dialogue and knowledge sharing on financial inclusion with regulators and policymakers in the AFI Network.
The GSMA is a global organisation unifying the mobile ecosystem to discover, develop and deliver innovation foundational to positive business environments and societal change. Our vision is to unlock the full power of connectivity so that people, industry, and society thrive. Representing mobile operators and organisations across the mobile ecosystem and adjacent industries, the GSMA engages members, governments and civil society, to advance positive policy and spectrum outcomes, facilitate digital innovation to reduce inequalities in our world, and tackle todays’ biggest societal challenges such as digital inclusion, climate change and sustainability. Find out more.
AFI’s fellow PPD partner, HomeCredit is the leading POS-Lender in the world originating from the Czech Republic and focusing on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history. HomeCredit joined AFI PPD Platform in 2020 and contributes unique learnings to AFI members in the areas of financial literacy and digital financial services. Find out more.
AFI’s strategic PPD partner, Mastercard is a technology company in the global payments industry that connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments, digital partners, businesses and other organizations worldwide. One of the founders of AFI’s PPD Platform, Mastercard engages with AFI membership in fostering innovation, sharing knowledge, and building regulators’ capacity on emerging payments, risk management, and consumer protection technologies. It has also provided expertise on innovative products and business models, as well as insights to facilitate policy dialogue. Find out more.
AFI’s strategic PPD partner, Visa is a global payments technology company enabling consumers, businesses, banks and governments to make fast, secure and reliable electronic payments across more than 200 countries and territories. Visa has engaged in close collaboration and knowledge exchanges within the AFI network to enhance innovation and contribute to capacity building programs for policymakers. One of the founders of the PPD Platform, Visa works with AFI to provide knowledge inputs to AFI’s thematic areas, particularly in digital financial services, and increase knowledge sharing on financial inclusion data. Find out more.
AFI’s fellow PPD partner, Vodacom Group is a leading African communications company providing services including mobile voice, messaging, data, financial and converged services to 116 million customers in over 30 countries. Vodacom joined AFI PPD Platform in 2020 and contributes unique learnings to AFI members in the areas of mobile financial services, agent networks, data privacy, and other areas of key interest to AFI members. Find out more.

Knowledge resource partners

In addition to funding partners and official partners in AFI’s Public-Private Dialogue Platform, AFI engages in a broad range of knowledge and intellectual partnerships with institutions across the financial inclusion landscape. These partners provide vital insights that inform and enhance AFI services and offerings to our members.
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