San Salvador, El Salvador

AFI Working Groups

Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct (CEMC) & Global Standards Proportionality (GSP) Working Group Meetings


The Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador and Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) are honored to announce that the 19th Consumer Empowerment and Market Conduct (CEMC), and 12th Global Standards Proportionality (GSP) Working Group Meetings are set to take place from 20-23 April 2020 in San Salvador, El Salvador.

In working towards our aspiration as a policy leadership alliance and the critical role that the working groups play in achieving the vision of such an alliance, the two working groups are meeting simultaneously. This is an opportunity for members to strengthen policy discussions on quality content, as well as their capacities and find synergies on thematic topics between the working groups. Through such engagement, the working groups are expected to generate practical thought leadership and regulatory guidance on critical and unresolved policy issues.

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San Salvador, El Salvador