• | Virtual
  • 4th April 2024 - 4th April 2024

AFI Educate Webinar on Financial Policies and Regulations for Women’s Financial Inclusion and Access to Credit by Women-led MSMEs in Rwanda

This AFI Educate Webinar will present a case study on Increasing Women’s Financial Inclusion and Closing the Women’s SME Credit Gap in Rwanda through Financial Policy and Regulation. Using this example, it aims to help participants identify key elements in developing practical financial policies and regulations to address the women’s SME credit gap which can be replicated in their respective jurisdictions. Please refer to the attached agenda for details.

This offering is an add-on to the AFI Educate Online course on Policy Framework for Women-led MSME Access to Finance, which explores women’s financial inclusion and the SME credit gap, providing current students and alumni with deeper insights into these specific areas. While we all can benefit from the webinar, current students and alumni of the course will especially benefit from it.

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