• | Virtual
  • 26th June 2023 - 29th June 2023

African Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative Meetings (AfPI) & Pacific Islands Regional Initiative Meetings (PIRI)

The Central Bank of Seychelles and Alliance for Financial Inclusion are delighted to welcome you to the capital of Victoria, with its unique blend of rich history, cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and lively cosmopolitan atmosphere for the 12th African Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (AfPI) & the 8th Pacific Islands Regional Initiative.

Under the overarching theme of “Rising above Global uncertainty – Pathways through Inclusive Innovation,” the roundtable will provide an opportunity for leaders from the two regions to deliberate and discuss how policymakers can leverage innovation in times of uncertainty to enhance inclusiveness. The event will provide a platform to develop concrete recommendations and action plans for advancing a resilient, inclusive, and policy-driven financial services ecosystem in the two regions.

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