• | Malaysia
  • 4th December 2023 - 7th December 2023

AFI Joint Learning Program on Inclusive Green Finance Policy Implementation

AFI will be hosting the in-person Joint Learning Program (JLP) on IGF Policy Implementation from 4-7 December 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This JLP is designed to provide an opportunity for AFI member institutions to learn from carefully selected member institutions of the AFI network from the various regions on how they have developed and implemented specific IGF policies. These include the requirements for developing a green taxonomy and establishing an IGF ecosystem; the role of regulators in promoting sustainable finance and green finance policies; integration of IGF and Gender Inclusive Finance considerations in national strategies; role of IGF provision policies in addressing climate-related risks faced by vulnerable communities; and how to take the next steps in developing ESRM guidelines in greening the financial system.

The highlight of this event is the showcasing of use cases from member institutions through a deep dive on IGF policy implementation. The program follows AFI’s peer learning model, and all the nominated participants are expected to actively participate and share what has been accomplished by their respective institutions in IGF policy development and implementation. For your institution to get the maximum benefit from this event, we request you to nominate an official from departments that work on financial inclusion policies, sustainable finance, and green finance and those individuals who already have a good understanding of the basic concepts of IGF.

For further information or clarification on the JLP, please reach out to our Capacity Building team via email at Capacity.Building@afi-global.org.

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