• | Zimbabwe
  • 26th February 2024 - 29th February 2024

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)–AFI Regional Joint Learning Program on Developing and Implementing Financial Inclusion Policies and Regulations for Women-led MSMEs

The objective of the JLP is to guide AFI member institutions to adopt the Policy Framework for Women-led MSME Access to Finance. This will be done by showcasing the significant progress made by RBZ in effectively implementing various aspects of this framework in collaboration with its stakeholders, leading to enhanced access to finance for women-led MSMEs in their jurisdictions. The event will reference additional AFI Knowledge Products such as Gender, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion in ZimbabwePolicy Catalogue: Women-led MSME Access to FinancingPolicy Framework on MSME Data Collection and SME Finance Guideline Note.

The training is open to AFI member institutions in Africa. The program follows AFI’s peer learning model, and all the nominated participants are expected to actively participate and share knowledge and experiences from their respective institutions. For your institution to get the maximum benefit from this event, we request you to nominate up to two officials who work on policies and  regulations/frameworks/guidelines for Gender Inclusive Finance and/or who lead MSME finance policy initiatives.

This meeting is supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB) under the Affirmative Finance Action for Women in Africa (AFAWA) program. The AFAWA program seeks to facilitate improved access to financial services by women led MSMEs through advancing a holistic and enabling regulatory ecosystem in various African countries.

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