Dr. Alfred Hannig

Executive Director

Chee Soo Yuen

Chief Operations Officer

Deputy Executive Director


As of 1st April 2022
Our Values
AFI maintains a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth for all employees that revolves around six principles – ownership, integrity, transparency, respect, excellence and collaboration.
We ensure a common understanding of AFI vision and values. We take responsibility for our decisions and communicate them clearly and timely. We are responsible for our own professional development.
We apply the same rules for all. We are not influenced by external stakeholders. We do not seek to make personal gains as a result of our working relationships.
We share relevant information in a timely manner. We ensure decision making processes are clearly communicated. We encourage open dialogue with colleagues where we can share constructive criticism.
We are respectful of people’s cultures and backgrounds. We assume good intentions. We take time to understand each other’s roles and value each person’s responsibilities.
We ensure AFI quality standards are met. We are proactive and put members’ needs first. We set high individual performance goals.
We apply patience, understanding and respect towards each other in all stages of the work process. We help and assist others and go beyond our job descriptions. We share information and knowledge freely and willingly.


Like-minded intellectual partners who contribute unique knowledge, insights and financial resources to advance AFI’s mission and scale up our broad range of member services and offerings.
Paula Ricaurte

Manager, Executive Director Office & Europe Representative Office Program

David Lee

Senior Manager, Risk Management

Chareen Loh

Senior Manager, Board Secretariat

Vivian Kuek Jing Yee

Senior Officer, Board Secretariat

Communications and Media Relations

Monika Lajhner

Head, Communications and Media Relations

Hitesh Vasnani

Manager, Brand & Communications

Khaoula Babic

Manager, Digital Communications

Ingelore Salome van Zyl

Specialist, Web Content

PMO & Membership Engagement

Aban Haq

Head, PMO & Membership Engagement

Lutfil Azmi

Officer, PMO & Membership Engagement

Policy Analysis & Guidance

Robin Newnham

Head, Policy Analysis & Guidance

Mariam Jemila Zahari

Policy Specialist

Monitoring and Evaluation

Charles Marwa

Head, Monitoring and Evaluation

Thomas Wong

Senior Function Analyst, Monitoring & Evaluation

Nurshafenath Shaharuddin

Analyst, Monitoring & Evaluation

Donor Relations & Global Partnerships

Ilya Sverdlov

Director, ERO and Donor Relations and Global Partnerships

Arif Nasibov

Senior Policy Manager, Global Partnerships

Hanako Nishigori

Senior Manager, Donor Relations & Global Partnerships

Ranchithaa Anatory

Senior Officer, Global Partnerships

Katia Mehanneche

Regional Manager, Arab Region

Jessica Alfaro

Manager, Global Partnerships

Ana Jovanovic

Manager, Eastern Europe & Central Asia (EECA) Region

Policy Programs & Implementation

Eliki Boletawa

Director, Policy Programs & Implementation

Luis Trevino

Senior Policy Manager, Financial Inclusion Data

Ghiyazuddin Mohammad

Senior Policy Manager, Digital Financial Services

Sulita Levaux

Policy Specialist, CEMC

Nik Kamarun

Senior Policy Manager, SME Finance

Adeyemi Omotoso

Policy Specialist, FinTech

Dieter De Smet

Policy Manager, Financial Inclusion Strategy

Jaheed Parvez

Senior Technical Manager, In-Country Implementation

Prem Anan

Senior Manager, Events

Emelia Sequerah

Senior Coordinator, Events

Katherine Devaraj

Manager, Events

Zuzana Blahutova

Manager, Events

Robita Lee Robinson

Policy Analyst, In-Country Implementation

Roobini Givananadam

Policy Analyst, Policy Programs & Implementation

Aisyah Binti Mohd Razihan

Policy Analyst, Policy Programs & Implementation

Gender Inclusive Finance

Helen Walbey

Head, Gender Inclusive Finance

Audrey Hove

Specialist, Gender Inclusive Finance

Inclusive Green Finance

Johanna Nyman

Head, Inclusive Green Finance

Laura Ramos

Policy Manager, Inclusive Green Finance

Jeanette Moling

Policy Specialist, Inclusive Green Finance

Capacity Building

Madhurantika Moulick

Head, Capacity Building

Hamizi Hamzah

Manager, Capacity Building

Nonhlanhla Chiromo

Specialist, Financial Inclusion Policy & Training

Latin America & Caribbean

Zaira Badillo

Head, Latin America & Caribbean Regional Office

Hazell Raquel Del Cid Marroquin

Policy Specialist

Africa Regional Office

James Ivan Ssettimba

Head, Africa Regional Office

Efoé Koudadjey

Deputy Head, Africa Regional Office

Marie Julie N’Guessan Yobouet

Administrative Bilingual Assistant

Leonard Angoratchi

Policy Manager, Africa Regional Office

Veronica Presley

Senior Officer, Procurement & Contract

Shirley Ng

Executive Assistant, Chief Operations Officer

Human Resources & Workplace

Joyce Poon

Head, Human Resources & Workplace

Vicneswary Muruegan

Officer, HR Admin & Workplace

Sylvia Ang

Assistant Manager, Human Resources

Mohd Ashraf Bin Ashari

Manager, Human Resources

Puteri Faizureen binti Megat Amiruddin

Officer, Human Resources


Teh Yan Lee

Head, Finance

Fadlina Mokhtar

Manager, Accounting

Sharon Yee

Manager, Finance

Ahmad Fadzry

Officer, Accounting

Lai Sook Mei

Senior Officer, Grant & Project

Nur Tasniem binti Hamri

Officer, Sponsorship

Procurement and Contract

Joel Chan

Senior Officer, Procurement

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