30 April 2021

2021 AFI Global Policy Forum postponed


The AFI Management Unit has finalized its internal assessment on holding the 2021 AFI Global Policy Forum (GPF), as guided by the AFI Board of Directors, concluding that organizing the AFI GPF in either physical or virtual form this year would be postponed.

A detailed monitoring and analysis of developments across the AFI network was undertaken to ascertain the impact of the pandemic and explore possible solutions for holding our global gathering. In this second year of the pandemic, travel restrictions remain tight in many countries, and where allowed, many also include mandatory quarantine measures.

Considering these limitations and health guidelines globally, the AFI Management Unit concluded that holding the AFI GPF in either physical or virtual form this year would be postponed until 2022. The AFI Annual General Meeting, will proceed as planned on 8 September 2021, with members convening virtually to facilitate decision-making by the AFI Membership Council on key strategic matters.

To maintain the global momentum on financial inclusion, a high-level event is being planned to focus on recovery efforts from the impact of COVID-19 within our Alliance and beyond. Targeting leaders from both the AFI network and main collaborating partners, this virtual high-level event will focus on reaching global consensus on financial inclusion policy approaches for inclusive and sustainable recovery from COVID-19.

More information and a save the date on the forthcoming high-level event will be shared shortly.

We look forward to greeting you at the 2022 AFI Global Policy Forum. In the meantime, we continue to welcome you in AFI’s digital space.

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