24 January 2024

AFI’s Arab Region policy initiative takes shape 

In coming weeks, Arab region cooperation on financial inclusion will take a step forward with the launch of AFI’s Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (ARFIPI). Through ARFIPI, AFI members will share knowledge and support peers, helping to ensure the success of national initiatives while promoting harmonized regional policies. 

On 22 January, ARFIPI’s implementing body, the Expert Group on Financial Inclusion Policy (EGFIP), met for the first time to discuss a roadmap for 2024.  

“The launch of ARFIPI represents an important step forward for cross-border cooperation on financial inclusion,” said Dr Eliki Boletawa, AFI’s Head of Policy Programs and Regional Initiatives. “The initiative will not just help countries to formulate effective policies, it will elevate regional voices on financial inclusion issues. Across the region we see progressive and impactful approaches to financial inclusion – AFI now has another platform to relay this knowledge, and to bring members closer together.” 

ARFIPI comprises eight AFI members as of 22 January 2024: 

  • Central Bank of Mauritania 
  • Bank Al Maghrib 
  • Central Bank of Tunisia 
  • Central Bank of Egypt 
  • Central Bank of Jordan 
  • Jordan Payments Clearing Company 
  • Palestine Monetary Authority
  • Supervision Microfinance Authority of Tunisia

Leadership for both ARFIPI and the EGFIP will soon be announced, as well as details of ARFIPI activities for the year ahead. We will update members with further details. 

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