Deputy Governor of Financial Stability and Deepening at Bank of Tanzania (BoT), Dr. Bernard Y. Kibesse delivers his opening remarks at the opening of the Joint Learning Program.

8 October 2018

Bank of Tanzania shares expertise on access to quality financial services, national financial inclusion strategies & SDGs

Together with Bank of Tanzania (BoT), the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is hosting the Joint Learning Program (JLP), In-country Implementation and Measuring Progress of Financial Inclusion that is taking place in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from 8-12 October, 2018.

“Although strategies and various technological advancements have succeeded in reducing the number of people who are financially excluded, challenges still exist in many countries especially developing countries,” emphasized Deputy Governor of Financial Stability and Deepening at BoT, Dr. Bernard Y. Kibesse during the opening of the JLP.

“The most important takeaway from this [training] should be; the need to increase access to quality financial services and linking NFIS to sustainable national development goals,” said AFI Deputy Executive Director, Norbert Mumba in his opening remarks.

Attended by 38 participants, representing 27 AFI member institutions from 25 countries, the five-day JLP is part of AFI’s global capacity building program, in response to the growing interest of members to implement national financial inclusion strategies.

“During the implementation of national strategies, we need to remind ourselves of the need to address the gender gap, financial inclusion for Forcibly Displaced Persons that now form an integral part of our communities, the impact of climate change, and the need for sustainable financial inclusion policies,” conveyed AFI Deputy Executive Director, Norbert Mumba.

As a policy leadership alliance, AFI plays an active role in the global financial inclusion policy landscape. After nearly a decade of bringing smart policies to life, renewed focus is now on the practical application of policy changes, making JLPs more significant and relevant.

“We believe an enabling ecosystem essentially requires a holistic approach to financial inclusion involving a diverse range of stakeholders with clear roles, responsibilities and commitments. This of course is then supported by a robust monitoring and evaluation framework that ensures that progress is the desired direction and on time,” AFI’s Deputy Executive Director Norbert Mumba said.

Throughout the five-day training, BoT will lead participants through their journey of developing and implementing the country’s first National Financial Inclusion Framework (NFIF) from 2014 to 2016 including a review of its achievements and approach, and the design of NFIF II, planned for 2018-2022. The JLP will focus on implementation challenges and solutions, and measuring of the progress made in financial inclusion — enabling participants to make better informed decisions moving forward.

“This JLP is a continuation of the momentum that Tanzania has in collaborating with other nations in fostering access and usage of relevant financial solutions by our people,” expressed Deputy Governor, Dr. Bernard Y. Kibesse.

BoT was instrumental in the establishment of AFI’s Regional Initiative for the African continent (AMPI, later renamed AfPI) and demonstrated remarkable leadership on the implementation of National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) in the AFI network.

BoT currently serves as the Vice Chair on the Leaders’ Roundtable of the African Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (AfPI).


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