Grand Comore island, Comoros

5 April 2023

Banque Centrale des Comores joins the AFI network

AFI is proud to welcome Banque Centrale des Comores (BCC) as a principal member of its global network of financial regulators and policymakers. With ambitious aspirations for financial inclusion, BCC has taken an important step in joining AFI to benefit from AFI’s peer learning model.

Building on major recent reforms for the development of Comoros’ banking system, BCC Governor Dr. Younoussa IMANI expressed his ambition to “continue this dynamic” of meeting the country’s “economic development objectives” while also modernizing the BCC. To this end, 2023 will be a year dedicated to the “implementation of new monetary policy instruments and financial inclusion”, Dr. Younoussa explained during his annual address.

As a Principal member of AFI, BCC is also expected to contribute to the African Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative (AfPI). As AFI’s primary platform for African members, AfPI supports the development and implementation of practical financial inclusion policies, regulatory frameworks, and other knowledge products on the continent, while coordinating regional capacity building and peer learning efforts.

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