Governor Ariff Ali, Reserve Bank of Fiji, delivering the opening remarks at the 2023 AFI Global Policy Forum

14 September 2023

Time to unlock the world’s potential: incoming AFI Chair calls on policy makers to embrace inclusivity

Financial inclusion is the key to unlocking the potential of billions of people who have long been excluded from the formal financial system, says Ariff Ali, incoming AFI Board Chair and Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Speaking at the opening of the 2023 AFI Global Policy Forum in Manila, Mr Ali said financial inclusion was a fundamental human right and a powerful driver of economic growth and social equity.

“Prosperity should not be the privilege of the few but for all,” said Mr Ali. “Inclusivity means breaking down barriers of discrimination, inequality, and exclusion, providing equal opportunities for education, employment, and participation in the decision-making process, celebrating diversity and recognizing that our differences are our strengths. When we embrace inclusivity, we create a society where everyone can contribute and benefit from our shared prosperity.”

You can watch Mr Ali’s speech here.


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