9 October 2017

3rd AFI PIRI Leaders Roundtable Digital Financial Services in the Face of De-risking

The 3rd (PIRI) Leaders Roundtable, “DFS in the Face of De-risking”, was co-hosted with the Bank of Papua New Guinea in Kokopo, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.

The leaders unanimously adopted the PIRI Charter and approved the work plan developed by the Experts Group on Financial Inclusion Policies (EGFIP), underlining the need to finalize the draft on climate change. Download this special report to find out:
  • Digital Financial Services: Barriers and Enablers - The Pacific Experience
  • De-risking in the Pacific : Is there a Regional Solution?
  • Green Finance and Financial Inclusion
  • National Financial Inclusion Strategies : Challenges and Lessons learned from Implementation
  • Women's Empowerment in the Pacific : The Denarau Action Plan
  • Enhancing MSMEs in the Pacific : The role of technology

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