8 January 2018

Measuring the Impact of a Global Network on Financial Inclusion: AFI’s M&E System

Although international development cooperation takes many different forms, we always pursue one common goal: improving the lives of the poor.

As we commit knowledge, time and financial resources, we want to know whether our actions are achieving our objectives. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) enables us to steer our endeavors, account for results and build on lessons for the future.

Measuring the effect of policy improvements on the ground can also be challenging. AFI members and funding partners invest significant resources to keep AFI running and are equally invested in understanding the impact of their investments. Over the years, AFI has developed an M&E system that meets a wide variety of expectations and aspirations while staying lean and efficient. A combination of linear and non-linear methods have generated rich qualitative, quantitative and anecdotal evidence of impact.

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