20 April 2022

Sierra Leone’s 2022-2026 National Financial Inclusion Strategy

The Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) launched its National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) 2022-2026. The four-year NFIS aims to specially target women, youth, rural population and medium, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs). 

The NFIS objectives are: 

  • To promote the development of, and expand access to, client-centric financial products and services geared specifically towards key underserved population groups such as women, youth, rural communities, and MSMEs.

  • To promote and leverage innovative technology solutions to exponentially expand access to, and usage of, affordable, safe and appropriate digital financial products and services.

  • To ensure all Sierra Leoneans have access to appropriate and consistent financial education opportunities, which improves their ability to understand and manage their finances, and allows them to confidently access and utilise available financial products and services, while ensuring their safety and protection.

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