26 December 2017

Tanzania: National Financial Inclusion Framework 2018-2022

Given the remarkable progress the country has made in expanding the opportunities for people to access financial service, this Framework puts thrust on usage of financial services as the next phase of Tanzania’s financial inclusion journey.

The National Financial Inclusion Framework 2018-2022 (NFIF2) builds on the first Framework (NFIF1), which was implemented over a period of three years from 2014 to 2016. The spirit of this Framework is to advance the vision of NFIF1 so that “Financial products and services meet the needs of individuals and businesses consistent with supporting livelihood improvement, household resilience and creation of jobs.”

This Framework is a public-private stakeholder initiative, whose mission is to build an inclusive and effective financial system in a coordinated manner.

Learn more when you download Tanzania's National Financial Inclusion Framework (2018-2022).



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